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Aftercare Professionals

Tales Remembered core clients are licensed veterinarian Facilities, and Families. We Provide the highest quality professional Aftercare services for your loved companion. Special care, and, compassionate handling initiates the moment you need us . We are with your Champion ensuring that they receive the most loving aftercare and your beloved one, is back at home with you. Memorial remembrance options: Legacy Diamond, Memorial Art and Keepsakes, all of which include access to Companion Woods and Champ Tales Remembered Website

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Remembering Your Companion

Create physical memorials

The easiest way to remember your Companion while the vet sent you sympathy cards and gave a printout of the dog’s paw. You may want to request inquire about obtaining a Diamond from the Cremains of your Loved one. Almost any size color and shape Diamond you may have produced from the Ashes of your Companion

Tales Remembered

Create Living memorials

Get your Pet Tremembered ™ Today

Your Beloved Pet could also be Champion of a Greener Planet earth. Designed to be a Carbon free initiative. SO, while we are utilizing the Cremains AKA “ashes” of your loved on to make a Diamond, you also have the option to produce a Tree. Tremembered™ is the process we use to Identify those Companions who now are the true Champion of society as they fend off Carbon immediately after we fuse the cremains with a seedling becomes on with a Tree of your choice. As a tree your Companion will live as a Champion at one of the many soon to open or at the Companion Woods or Champion Parks.

Create Living memorials
About Tales Remembered About Tales Remembered

Create physical memorials

Pet Memorial Art

Our skilled artists will create a custom portrait or abstract painting, or a beautiful life like Statuette resembling your Pet companion while using the Cremains/ashes, and the remaining ashes are kept in back of the frame or inside the statue. What A beautiful way to memorialize your pet and keep the happy memories alive.

Create physical memorials
Physical Tales Remembered Physical Tales Remembered Physical Tales Remembered

The Diamond Solution

In this day and Age there is no reason to be without your loved one close by.

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What type of Cremation are offered?

Private Cremation

Your animal is placed in a private chamber that is separate from other animals. With private cremation, they guarantee that you receive only your pet’s ashes.

Witnessed Cremation

You are present at the time of the process. There will likely be a viewing area for you and anyone else who wish to witness. Many people feel that watching for witness purposes or to bring closure.

Caring Comfort

Your Companions aftercare is our #1 priority. We make sure from transportation in our comfortable cushioned ride, your champion is pampered and spoiled for there next journey.

Aftercare Professionals making sure your Companion and Champion are meticulously cared for on their next journey.