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The company's core clients are individual veterinary surgeries, from across the country, who offer our dignified cremation services to the public, via the operation of our regular collection service.
We also work directly with bereaved pet owners who are welcome to attend their pet’s cremation and will receive the cremains in an urn of their choice.
For those who do not wish to attend the individual cremation, Tales Remembered returns the cremains to the veterinary practice.
Our range of Memorials can also be purchased for placement in your garden as a lasting tribute to your pet, or you may prefer to upload your thoughts and images to our online Remembrance book.

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Cremation Services

For when the time comes

In recent years, pet cremation has grown exponentially and continues to do so.
It’s a sorrowful time and handling the arrangements can be extremely distressing. For that reason, many people have begun making those arrangements in advance.
Tales Remembered will discuss what animals can be cremated, the process, what services are offered, costs, and what to with your furry friend’s ashes. You’ll have the information to decide if this is the right choice, and what decisions are needed to be made.

Tales Remembered

The Diamond Solution

In this day and Age there is no reason to be without your loved one close by.

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What type of Cremation are offered?

Private Cremation

Your animal is placed in a chamber that is separate from other animals. With private cremation, they guarantee that you receive only your pet’s ashes.

Witnessed Cremation

You are present at the time of the process. There will likely be a viewing area for you and anyone else who wish to witness. Many people feel that watching helps in the progression of the healing process.

Communal Cremation

This type is frequently chosen because the cost is generally lower than the others, sometimes even half the price. Your furry friend is placed into a chamber along with other animals.

All of the animals are cremated simultaneously and the ashes are pulverized together.


Domestic Pets

$50 -$350

Depending on the type of cremation and the weight of your pet.

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$250 – $1,500

Depending on the weight, the area in which you live, and if pick-up is required.

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Exotic Animals